Baron Siamanto Levon is a third generation extremist haute couture and visionary fashion designer. More than 500 sets of his unmercifully over-the-top high fashion shows have wrecked every stage and runway in Los Angeles. He has brought a staggering touch of uniqueness and bold beauty with his theatrical concept wardrobes formulated by his raw and boundless imagination. His fashion consists of conceptual elements and radical flourishings from violent glamour to edgy street. Baron Siamanto Levon’s firey ambition and self-challenging philosophy is the source of his never-ending progression as an accouterment artist. Unbound by the laws of time or gravity, he ingeniously develops around a character, dimension or theme in light speed seconds with his swift pair of hands working a pair of high-quality scissors and obeying his efficacious mind.

“It’s not about color or style. I want viewers to read the dimensions as you do with poetry.” Baron Siamanto Levon