In 1938, Garobet Mouradian was the key designer for French Generals and the elite. Soon his son, Mekredij Mouradian took over the family business and in the 1950’s he established the first handmade men’s classic suit line. Mr. Mouradian perfected the art and the secret of menswear. Each handmade suit took weeks to create, like creating a violin. Whoever wore Mouradian handmade suits created a sharp image for themselves. Through the decades, the designer Mekredij Mouradian had three sons and a daughter. His oldest son, Baron Levon Mouradian, during his teenage years was taking his father’s footsteps. By age 17, he shocked his friends and family by creating handmade classic suits from beginning to end. His father taught him the secret and the details of perfection. Through the time, the Mouradian Fashion Company grew. Today, more than 100 people carry and produce the products from this almost century old company. Some of the employees have been with the company for more than three decades. Their skills are beyond imagination. They can hand-stitch almost as fast as a machine. That is what we appreciate – Haute Couture Fashion.
Today, Baron Levon Mouradian is married with four children. With more than 500 fashion shows in the United States, the Mouradian family is establishing a new modern company where cutting-edge fashion meets ancient art. Today, Baron Siamanto Levon is developing Bullet Resistant Suits.

Baron Siamanto Levon has become an icon in the world of design.

A true designer will have no limits with imagination. The true designer should be able to create adding new dimension to any visual concept. Designers should know how to paint, how to sculpt, and how to carve. True designers should understand three dimensions and the shades of each color.Baron Siamanto Levon